GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version For Android (Latest)

GBWhatsapp is a cell phone app which let users to work two accounts on one mobile phone without making technical issues to the gadgets. Mostly, the app is availed on phones which all dual sim cards. This shows that if the smartphone contain two working SIM cards which are registered with two various accounts, GB app can assist you work both accounts in a synchronized manner. There are some best features of the app and you can also see how users can take benefit from the best quality components.

Support system:

GBWhatsapp is made with a voice call facilitated system which permits users to get and do calls from the accounts easily. The voice call method facilitate the two accounts same time. This shows that you do not want to log off from one whatsapp account to get to make a phone call from the other account. The system facilitates the two profiles simultaneously and let you to do calls from any of the accounts at any time. GBWhatsapp offers a fast method of accessing obtained video and audio files without loading the matter. This is a major advantage which users must use at the given time. The truth which you will not wait for files to load to see the content is what creates this app special. Keep in mind that the files can be passed to any of the account and you will get quick access to the material.

Notification features and program icons:


The best GBWhatsapp messenger for mobile gadgets permits users to alter program icon, background theme and notifications without any problem. You will want to log in to the account prior selecting the good icon for the two accounts and looking it on the profiles. To modify background themes and notifications, log in to the account and stick to the prompts as guided by the app developers. The amazing features have been added to create your experience utilizing the app highly enjoyable.

Facilitate several languages:

This app has been improved to supply variety of widely availed languages like English, Spanish, French and Italian. This creates it very easy for different range of users to download, set up and make use of the app to mix the whatsapp accounts in one gadget. There are even plans to add more languages of the area in the GBWhatsapp course hence that large number of people can see the app beneficial in the future.

Privacy features:

The app can conceal the probability of looking privacy choices hence that users think very convenient while sending and getting whatsapp messages and files. With the fresh privacy options, you can pick to conceal the last viewed status or create it public, you can select to create the profile photo public or limit its visibility to selected people. The privacy choices let you to block headstrong whatsapp users from getting your account details. There are some reasons to avail this app. The android and Smartphone users must avail this app for different reasons. You do not want to pay extra charges to avail the app for sending messages and making calls. It can be operated on any kind of internet connection like 3G, 4G, 2G, and WiFi on the cell phone. Apart from making calls you can also avail GBWhatsapp to get and send videos, music, voice messages, contacts and images.


You can also get variety of other benefits by this app such as it let you to call your friends and family member free of charge by availing its feature. There are choices to alter colors and size. It let you to modify different other visual MODs along with colors and sizes of your text and images. This app let you to upload bigger videos and music files because of its higher storage ability about thirty GB. The quality of pictures send through the app is good. GBWhatsapp permit you to share music files and films online free of charges, without any registration, simply by the click. The details of the account, groups and settings will be transferred to the new cell number if you need to alter it. Therefore you must make sure that you are getting messages and calls on the new number prior making calls or send messages by this app.

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